Taylor Kesterke poses for a photo in cap and gown with her dog.

What year did you graduate from Burlington High School?


Tell us about your accomplishments since graduating from BHS.

Since graduating from BHS, I have earned my associates in nursing degree from SCC, and my bachelors of nursing degree from William Penn University. I currently practice as an RN, BSN at the hospital in West Burlington full time.

During your time at BHS, did you have a favorite staff member who had a positive impact on you? Tell us about them. 

Shelly Breuer – I took a nursing course to explore healthcare and see if it was anything I was interested in. Soon after I took the first course with Shelly, I enrolled in all nursing classes that I could. I completed all the SCC nursing program prerequisites prior to graduation, and entered SCC’s nursing program before I graduated high school.

Do you have any advice for recent and future graduates?

Take advantage of all college courses that you can. The school pays for them as long as you pass and it will save you THOUSANDS of dollars when looking into college program.

How did your time at BHS impact your adult life?

BHS created the path for me to begin the nursing program prior to graduation by allowing me to complete all courses required prior to graduation. Thanks to BHS, I have no student debt and I am practicing my dream job at 22 years old!