Ali Whisenant

What year did you graduate from Burlington High School?


Tell us about your accomplishments since graduating from BHS.

In 2022 I graduated with my Doctorate of Pharmacy from St. Louis. Since then I have worked as a Specialty Pharmacist for Blessing Health Systems in Quincy, Il. In this role I help secure access to uncommon, difficult to obtain medications for the surrounding area, along with educating patients and prescribers on their place in therapy. This role allows patients to receive resources and care just as if they lived in a big city but in a more rural setting.

During your time at BHS, did you have a favorite staff member who had a positive impact on you? Tell us about them. 

Mr. Galvin, my tennis coach, was by far my favorite staff member during my time at BHS. He not only supported my career goals but put up with my friends and I’s crazy antics at practice and meets while keeping the sport fun. He also helped to give me the opportunity to receive a scholarship to play college tennis which helped take some of the financial burden away from higher education.

Do you have any advice for recent and future graduates?

Study hard but also have fun. Many of the extracurricular activities and clubs BHS had to offer are things I am still involved with to this day. Life isn’t all about grades, it’s more about the connections and people you meet along the way. In addition, keeping active in my hobbies such as band and tennis have allowed me to make friends in my new town.

How did your time at BHS impact your adult life?

I wasn’t with Burlington public schools my whole education but I can confidently say that if I wasn’t given the opportunity to switch schools to this district and BHS I would have never had the confidence to pursue my goals and dreams. The staff at BHS were absolutely invaluable and always so encouraging. They knew me as an individual and would always go out of their way to make sure I had the resources I needed to succeed.