Parents and guardians of students whose open enrollment transfers into or out of the District are approved are responsible to provide transportation to and from the school of attendance or at least to and from a point on a regular bus stop of the receiving district.

Under certain circumstances, parents or guardians who meet economic eligibility requirements may qualify for reimbursement for such transportation when appropriate application is made to the Superintendent’s Office.

The District will not generally permit school buses from a receiving district to enter the Burlington Community School District and transport open enrollment students. Any exceptions to this practice shall be handled on a case-by-case basis only with approval of the two districts’ Boards of directors.

First Adoption:
Revision Adoption:
December 8, 2002/ March 12, 2006/ January 13, 2008
Reviewed Dates:
February 10, 2013/ December 12, 2021
Legal Reference:
282.18; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 17