The District has a maximum class size policy which limits the number of pupils in classrooms. Requests for transfer into the District under the Open Enrollment Law will be subject to these limitations as well as others related to programs and services required for the instruction of students.

Requests for open enrollment transfer into an elementary grade (grades Pre-K-5) shall be accepted, with proper notice given to parents, when spaces are available, but the student will generally not be assigned to a specific school until after spring registration has been completed.

When students at the secondary level (grades 6-12) request transfers into the District, the student will be permitted to provisionally register for classes; however, the District reserves the right to assign the student to a specific school and classes according to available space and services required.

First Adoption:
Revision Adoption:
December 8, 1996/ December 8, 2002/ March 12, 2006/ January 13, 2008
Reviewed Dates:
February 10, 2013/ December 12, 2021
Legal Reference:
282.18; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 17