The mission of the Burlington Community School District, in cooperation with home and community, is to develop a partnership with each learner that maximizes the education of the whole person with sensitivity to individual differences.

The program of the Burlington Community Schools is developed with sound educational principles. We believe that an educational program must hold fast to proven values and procedures but must also be adapted to advancing knowledge and to changing conditions and needs; and it must utilize the findings of science, research, and experience.

We believe that it is the task of school personnel to continually evaluate the school program in terms of present and future needs. We further believe that it is educationally sound to recognize that much that is good today has had its roots in the past and that, in the appraisal of an educational program, practices and content of proven value must not be overlooked.

We recognize, value, and use the results of scientific research in the educational process. The knowledge of ways in which pupils learn most effectively, as supported by scientific evidence, guides us in planning our educational program and courses of study, curriculum guides, and other instructional materials.

We affirm our faith in the importance of our school system, taking pride in its accomplishments and dedicating ourselves in every way possible to increasing its effectiveness.

Responsibility for student growth and development is shared by the community, the school, the family, and the individual student. The purpose of schooling is to provide, in an organized way, the knowledge and skills the person needs to perform effectively in the essential roles of a free society.

We believe that every child should have:

  • An opportunity to advance the dignity of mankind. (SOCIAL)
  • An opportunity to grow toward self-understanding. (PERSONAL)
  • An opportunity to enrich the community of mankind through the development of values.
  • An opportunity to understand and evaluate economic needs. (ECONOMIC)
  • An opportunity to enrich life through experiences. (AESTHETIC)
  • An opportunity to contribute to the benefit of all peoples. (POLITICAL)
  • An opportunity to create a healthier and more beautiful world. (PHYSICAL)

First Adoption:
Revision Adoption:
February 8, 2009
Reviewed Dates:
February 10, 2013/ December 12, 2021