SESA donates soccer goals to elementary buildings

May 01, 2024

A Burlington High School student recently built soccer goals donated by a local soccer organization for each of the Burlington Community School District’s four elementary buildings, along with Corse Early Childhood Center.

Gavin Bartelt, a freshman at BHS and a member of the Southeast Soccer Academy, which donated the materials, built four of the goals for each building, earning Silver Cord hours and sharing his love of soccer with younger students.

“We are very happy with the SESA donation and the work they did building the soccer goals,” Sunnyside Principal Tim Bolander said. “Our PTO was going to purchase goals and because of the donation the PTO was able to purchase a volleyball set up to be used at recess.”

Bolander initially reached out to SESA at the suggestion of Activities Director Jay Huff when he inquired about the PTO’s desire to purchase goals for the school. SESA agreed to donate them and went on to extend the same offer to the other building principals.

“We are very thankful for the donation and appreciate the impact SESA has on the community of Burlington,” North Hill Principal Alec Clark said.

The elementary and pre-K principals said the goals have been popular among students since they were delivered over spring break. PE teachers have also been using them to teach soccer skills, which the students further practice during recess.

“As a current SESA parent myself, I think that was a fantastic idea for a donation!” Corse Principal Bryan Baker said. “I love that they donated this.”