More than 130 Compete in 1st annual creative writing contest

November 01, 2023

Thanks to all who participated in and promoted the Burlington Community School District’s first-ever district-wide creative writing contest.

More than 130 stories — including more than 90 from Aldo Leopold Intermediate School alone — were entered for a chance to win prizes and be published in a digital book of scary stories, and Burlington High School’s art club members did a fantastic job providing the artwork to accompany stories at all grade levels.

Read “The Grayhound Graveyard,” a collection of scary stories and original artwork by Burlington students

K-4 winners are:

  • Emersyn Baker, “The Haunted Mansion,” Honorable Mention
  • Natalie Hicke, “The Evil Doll,” 3rd Place
  • Jaxston Waller, “The 2 Days of the Doll,” 2nd Place
  • Milo Osbourne, “The Fire Alarm,” 1st Place

5-6 winners are:

  • Mayliana Fox, “Flowers Don’t Growl,” Honorable Mention
  • Liam Wiseman, “Oija Board,” Honorable Mention
  • Aila Plein, “Regret,” Honorable Mention
  • Julie Grieves, “It’s Not Just a Story,” 3rd Place
  • Lydia Barnes, “The Colored Pencils,” 2nd Place
  • Gavin Augsburger, “The Lady in Blue,” 1st Place

7-8 winners are:

  • Karley Waller, “The Dead Can Speak,” 3rd Place
  • Hannah Stott, “A Halloween of Horror,” 2nd Place
  • Miriam Petersen, “The Cave,” 1st Place

9-12 winners are:

  • Ell Riddle, “That’s Not My Dog,” 3rd Place
  • Victoria Locke-Smith, “Shadowed Hunger,” 2nd Place
  • Riley Villont,”Angel with the Devil’s Mind,” 1st Place